Enzo Sofa

The Enzo Sofa with Chaise longue is the epitome of comfort and style. Upholstered in light grey, it offers a cosy place to relax thanks to JLeal’s meticulous attention to detail. What’s more, you can personalise the look by choosing between black or silver legs, for example. This sofa is the perfect setting for moments of relaxation and elegance in your living room.

Tribu Anthracite
Grey sofa with chaise longue Tribu Cement
Tribu Deep Purple
Tribu Forest
Tribu Green
Tribu Marsala
Tribu Mostaza
Tribu Mud
Tribu Ocean
Tribu Pink
Tribu Taupe
Tribu Toffee


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    Dimensions (cm)

    These measurements have a tolerance of +/- 2 to 4 cm.
    Upholstery Tribu Cement
    Feet Wood with brushed stainless steel strip
    Feet Options Stainless Steel
    Black Iron
    Structure Solid wood and chipboard
    Back High resilience polyurethane foam HR25 kg
    Polyester fibre
    Elasticated strap
    Seat High resilience polyurethane foam HR3529 kg
    Polyester fibre
    Zig-Zag spring
    Armrest Polyurethane foam 23 kg
    Polyester fibre

    Choose your Style

    The customisation capacity offered by JLeal opens the door to individual expression and the satisfaction of each customer's wishes and needs. By allowing customers to change the dimensions, upholstery, materials or add waterproofing to our pieces, we are putting the power of design in the hands of our customers.


      We Make Bespoke Furniture

      We Manufacture the Product you Imagined

      JLeal stands out for its production of customised upholstery pieces. Each product is developed individually, taking into account the unique needs and tastes of each client. This approach ensures that the furniture fits perfectly into spaces and lifestyles, providing unrivalled comfort and exclusivity.



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