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The importance of upholstery waterproofing

Drops of water on the fabric of a sofa

Upholstered furniture plays an essential role in creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in any space. Whether it’s a cosy sofa in the living room, an elegant chair in the dining room or a comfortable armchair in the bedroom, looking after your furniture is essential. One of the best ways to protect your investment in upholstered furniture is through waterproofing. In this article, we’ll explore why waterproofing is a smart choice and how JLeal can help keep your furniture looking its best.

What is upholstery waterproofing?

Upholstery waterproofing is a process that involves applying a specialised product to create a protective barrier against stains and spots. This product, often based on natural silicones, envelops the fabric fibres, forming an invisible protective layer.

This process is essential for cleaning, maintaining and preserving upholstery. It helps prevent accidental stains and spots caused by liquid spillages. Waterproofing is effective against most non-corrosive liquids.

Waterproofing can be applied to various types of fabric, such as chenille, twill, suede, tweed, linen, velvet and leather. It is particularly useful in places that are more exposed to stains, such as chairs and sofas.

Waterproofing Upholstery: Why?

  • Protection against spills and stains: Waterproofing creates a protective barrier on fabrics, preventing liquids from seeping into the fibres. This means that accidental spillages, such as coffee, milk or wine, don’t result in permanent stains. This protection is even more essential for those with children at home.
  • Long-term durability: Waterproof protection helps extend the life of your upholstered furniture by preventing damage caused by moisture. Constant exposure to moisture can weaken fabric fibres and cause deterioration.
  • Resistance to Pet Damage: If you have pets, waterproofing is especially beneficial. Waterproofed upholstery is more resistant to scratches and stains caused by cats and dogs.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Waterproofed upholstery is easier to clean, as spilt liquids are not absorbed into the fabric. All it takes is a damp, soft cloth to wipe away most stains.
  • Maintaining the Original Appearance: Waterproofing helps furniture maintain its original appearance over time. Colours remain vivid and fabrics look as good as new.

How JLeal Can Help

At JLeal, we understand the importance of protecting your upholstered furniture. We offer waterproofing services to ensure that your pieces remain beautiful and functional for many years to come. Our specialised professionals carefully apply a high-quality waterproofing treatment to ensure maximum protection.

All our pieces can be waterproofed. Choose your favourite piece from the images below and elevate your home decor.

What’s more, we work with Pet-Proof fabrics, specially designed to resist stains and scratches caused by pets. This means you can enjoy your furniture without any worries, even if you share the space with furry friends. You can find all our fabrics on our Materials & Finishes page.

Waterproofing is a smart investment in the durability and beauty of your upholstered furniture. Protect your investment and enjoy furniture that remains impeccable over the years.

At JLeal, we’re ready to help you protect your furniture. Contact us to find out more about our waterproofing services and how we can keep your furniture in excellent condition.


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