New Collection

JLeal's new collection is coming soon. Be Seated Revival is a tribute to our first ever collection. Don't want to miss the launch? Subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be informed first hand.

Launching soon


    New Collection

    The launch of the new JLeal collection is just around the corner. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss this launch.


      Pormenor de várias peças de estofo como cadeiras, puffs ou cadeirões

      What will you find in our Catalogue?

      There are over 90 pieces with unique and modern designs
      • Chairs
      • Bar Stools
      • Armchairs
      • Poufs
      • Beds
      • Benches
      • Cushions

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        Pormenor de uma Cadeira. Ao centro da Imagem surge o texto "Nova Coleção" e o Logo da JLeal

        Fabrics in the New Collection

        Discover here the fabrics that will be available for the new collection. In various colours and textures, personalisation is essential to match our pieces to your decor. Get inspired.

        Animal Resistant

        More resistant to pulling by pets' claws