Condições Gerais de Venda

1. Observações

1.1 The price list is subject to change without prior notice. The prices in the table are resale prices, calculated in Euros, without transport or assembly included, and are subject to the VAT rate in force.
1.2 The prices are only valid for our Standard finishes.
1.3 Customer finishes, if technically possible, can be manufactured after consultation and acceptance. These finishes will be charged extra.
1.4 When applying a customer colour, there may be a slight variation in tone compared to the customer sample due to various factors, such as the type of wood and the varnish itself. This factor cannot be the subject of any complaint.
1.5 Orders will only be accepted in writing and with a detailed indication of the items and finishes required, such as quantity, model, reference and wood and fabric finish.
1.6. All orders require our acceptance and cannot be cancelled after confirmation.
1.7 In the case of customer fabrics, the cost of despatching the fabrics to our premises is borne by the customer. If the fabrics are sent from a country outside the European Union, JLEAL will invoice the customs clearance costs issued by Portuguese Customs.
1.8. The fabrics sent by the customer must be correctly labelled with the order code, the model for which they are intended, as well as the correct side and orientation of the fabric. If the fabric is striped, the customer must also indicate the orientation of the stripes, whether vertical or horizontal.
1.9 The fabric sizes have been calculated on the basis of 140cm wide fabrics. These measurements only apply to plain fabrics. If the fabrics have patterns, the customer must inform us of the size of the pattern and its repeat, so that we can calculate the exact amount of fabric required.
1.10. Fabrics must be delivered no later than 2 weeks before the dispatch date. If they arrive after this date, we reserve the right to postpone the delivery date depending on the availability of our upholstery department.
1.11. Weights, dimensions and colours are approximate. JLEAL reserves the right to modify or improve its products without prior notice.
1.12. The average production time can vary between 4 and 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation. Shorter lead times are subject to consultation.
1.13. The sale of goods with deferred payment is carried out under the suspensive condition, with reservation of ownership until full payment of the amount owed.
1.14. JLEAL accepts no responsibility for any omissions and/or printing errors in the price list.

2. Delivery Conditions

2.1 JLEAL guarantees the quality and conformity of its products when they leave the factory with the specifications defined above, and their transport is at the customer’s risk. All products are packed in sturdy cardboard boxes. JLEAL cannot be held responsible for damage caused during transport.
2.2. The customer is responsible for checking all packaging, whether intact or not. Any damage caused to the goods during transport must be confirmed on the delivery documents presented by the carrier and reported to JLEAL within a maximum of 3 working days. If this is not the case, JLEAL will not exchange the damaged item.
2.3 The words “goods subject to inspection” are not valid. The goods must be checked at the time of unloading.
2.4 The words “packaging intact” mean that the carrier is not liable for any problems found during transport, but the customer is.
2.5 If JLEAL is responsible for transporting the parcel(s), it cannot be held liable for any damage or loss caused by delays due to strikes, fires, accidents or other unforeseen or unavoidable situations.

3. Order returns

3.1 The return of orders or debit notes will not be accepted unless they have been previously authorised in writing by JLEAL.
3.2 In the event that it is agreed to return certain goods, they will be carefully inspected immediately after unloading. If it is found that the damage is not the responsibility of the manufacturer, no compensation or exchange of goods will be made.
3.3 If the goods arrive at our premises damaged due to the lack of original packaging or packaging suitable for the purpose, JLEAL will invoice the customer for the costs of repair.

4. Warranty

4.1. JLEAL guarantees all its products against manufacturing defects for two years after the invoice date, if they have been subjected to normal conditions of use.
4.2. The guarantee excludes damage caused during transport, abuse, vandalism, unauthorised repairs or modifications, inadequate maintenance, negligence or accidents. Damage caused when cleaning the furniture with abrasive products is also excluded.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1. JLEAL holds the intellectual property rights to all models. These may not be copied or modified.
5.2 Orders for specific products only oblige JLEAL to supply the goods in accordance with the technical specifications submitted by the customer. JLEAL shall not be liable for any compensation or defence of the customer and/or other parties in respect of issues relating to intellectual property rights.