General Sales Conditions

1. Remarks


1.1 This price list may change without notice. The prices quoted in this public price list are calculated in euro and are on ex-works basis (Sobrosa / Portugal).
1.2 Prices indicated are valid for our STANDARD finishes only.
1.3 Custom wood finishes, if technically feasible, can be supplied upon request and after our acceptance. In that case, it will be applied an extra charge for these finishes.
1.4 Slight differences in colour and shade between customer sample and supplied goods are inevitable due to the various structures and wood stains. This does not constitute any reason for claims.
1.5 Only orders given in writing will be legally binding. Orders given orally or by phone require subsequent written confirmation to be legally binding. All requirements must be stated clearly, such as the complete code of the model, wood stain, metal finish and fabric.
1.6 All orders have to be confirmed by our company and can’t be cancelled after confirmation.
1.7 Customer’s own supplied material must reach our premises carriage paid. If the fabric comes from a non-EU country, all fees issued by the Portuguese customs will be charged to the customer.
1.8 The fabrics/leathers shipped by the customer must be adequately labelled or identified with the purchase order number and the code of the article. All fabrics must indicate the right side and its direction for correct use. In the case of a fabric with stripes or patterns, cutting instructions must be also specified, as the precise alignment in horizontal or vertical direction.
1.9 The fabric amount was calculated based on a plain 140cm wide fabric. For fabric with pattern repeat, customers must indicate the size of the pattern and distance between them, so that we can calculate the quantity of fabric required.
1.10 The fabrics must be delivered up to 2 weeks prior to the collection date. If these arrive after this deadline, we reserve the right to delay the collection date according to the availability of our upholstery department.
1.11 All information about weight, dimensions and colours are approximate and must be used as a guide line only. JLEAL reserves the right to modify or upgrade the product without prior notice.
1.12 Our standard production time is about 4 to 5 weeks after order confirmation. For orders requiring less than our standard production time, please do not hesitate to consult us.
1.13 The goods sold through an extended payment are released under the condition of property reserve upon the full settlement.
1.14 JLEAL accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to possible omissions or printing errors in the price list.


2. Shipping Terms


2.1 JLEAL assures quality and conformity of products at the loading place with the specifications previously agreed, being any risk or hazard at customer’s own risk, even if the incoterms are ex-works. All goods are packed in cartons suitable for export. JLEAL cannot be held responsible for damages caused during transportation.
2.2 The customer is responsible to immediately verify the condition of the products upon delivery. Claims related to transport damages have to be clearly indicated on the delivery note and communicated to JLEAL by fax/mail within 3 working days from the date of delivery. In the absence of the above, JLEAL shall not replace the damaged goods.
2.3 The phrase “goods subject to control” is not valid. Damages must always be clearly specified on the delivery note during the delivery of the goods. The phrase “intact packaging” absolves the carrier of liability for damages occurred during carriage, but renders the customer liable for any damage.
2.4 JLEAL is not liable for any indirect loss or damage caused by delays due to strikes, fires, accidents or any other unforeseeable, unavoidable or serious events.


3. Returns of goods


3.1 No returns will be accepted unless previously authorized by JLEAL in writing.
3.2 In case of agreement and upon reception of the goods, these will be carefully inspected. If the damages are not attributable to the manufacturer, there will be no refund or replacement.
3.3 Should the goods be damaged due to the absence of the original packaging and/or materials used to protect the integrity of the goods or packaging suitable for transport, JLEAL shall, to our regret, be forced to deduct any necessary repair costs from any refund that may be due.


4. Warranty


4.1 JLEAL guarantees its products to be free from defect in materials, components and workmanship under normal usage for two years from invoice date.
4.2 JLEAL’s warranty does not include any damages caused by transport, abuse, misuse, vandalism, unauthorized repairs or modifications, inadequate maintenance, negligence, accidents and corrosive cleaning products.


5. Intelectual property.


5.1 JLEAL owns the exclusive rights of intellectual property over the developed models. Copies or modifications on our models are not allowed.
5.2 The orders of specific products just oblige JLEAL to deliver the goods according to the technical specifications required by the Customer. It is not JLEAL’s responsibility to indemnify or defend the Customer and/or other parts, regarding matters related to intellectual property rights.
5.3 In case of non-conformity by the customer on the definitive solution, the place of jurisdiction will be the Court of Paredes, Portugal.